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How to Calculate Your Payments Under PAYE and REPAYE – Plus a New Course

First, an apology. The last email sent to you about the AGD fellowship exam was an error. Moving to a new domain name and building a new website lead to an oversight and that email unintentionally found its way into your inbox. Sorry about that.  Let’s get back to personal finance and student loans. Many students will be matriculating from dental schools and residencies over the next 2 months, and student loans will be on their minds. Developing a strategy to repay (or at least manage) your loans early is extremely important. If you want to calculated what your monthly…
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AGD Fellowship Exam – Myths and Facts

Passing the AGD Fellowship Exam is a requirement to earn an FAGD. The video in this post explains what to expect during the examination. You can sit for the exam before obtaining 500 hours of CE. The exam is 4 hours in length and consists of 252 questions. The exam is based on a raw score, not a percentage.
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